2011 Saul Bell Design Award Winners

The 11th annual Saul Bell Design Award Competition challenged designers to unleash their imaginations and create innovative designs in any of six categories.
A vessel that is spun, drawn, forged and/or raised. May incorporate decorative cast
or fabricated components into the design. The medium is predominantly silver and/or gold.
Grand Prize—Hollowware
Wayne Meeten
Hackney, London, UK
Second Place—Hollowware
Sung-Yeoul Lee
Stillwater, OK
The predominant metal is gold, platinum or a combination of both.
May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled, or any combination of techniques.
Must be your original design.
First Place—Gold/Platinum
Robin Waynee
Chimayo, NM
Second Place—Gold/Platinum
Kelly Liddicoat
Deerfield Beach, FL
Silver/Argentium® Silver
The predominant metal is silver. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled
or any combination of techniques. Must be your original design.
First Place—Silver/Argentium® Silver
Janice Grzyb
New York, NY
Second Place—Silver/Argentium® Silver
Eva Martin
Boston, MA
The predominant surface material must be enamel.
Use glass-based enamels and fire on any type of metal.
Must be your original design and construction.
First Place—Enamel
James Carter
Chapel Hills, NC
Second Place—Enamel
Amy Roper Lyons
Summit, NJ
The predominant design elements are beads, pearls, or other strung ornaments.
Beads may be any material. Must be your original design or assembly.
First Place—Beads
Andrea Williams
Cohasset, MA
Second Place—Beads
Melissa Schmidt
St. Louis, MO
Metal Clay
The predominant material is either silver, gold, bronze or copper metal clay.
Must be the designer"s original design.
First PlaceMetal Clay
Barbara Becker Simon
Cape Coral, FL
Second Place—Metal Clay
Barbro Gendell
Springfield, VA
Emerging Artist
We invite members of the jewelry or hollowware community and students of a jewelry
or hollowware training program to embrace the challenge and take part in the 11th
annual Saul Bell Design Award competition.
First Place—Emerging Artist
Lam Nguyen

Carrollton, TX
Second Place
Emerging Artist
Sam Pollard
Auburn, WA
Third Place—Emerging Artist
Emily Bennett
Lancaster, PA

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